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Stanley Sync Digital Radio Earmuff Review | Good Quality and Reasonably Priced

Stanley-Sync-Digital-Radio-Earmuff-Review---FrontGreetings! In this review, I will be taking an in-depth look at one of the more popular hearing protection headsets available on Amazon.com, the Stanley Sync Digital AM/FM/MP3 Radio Earmuffs (RST-63012).

Unfortunately, they are not Bluetooth enabled, so if this is something you absolutely need and are willing to pay a little more, check out my SAS Safety 6108 Digital review. If you’re happy with radio and the ability to plug in any MP3 device via AUX cable, continue on and learn some more about this model from Stanley.

Quick Review

Stanley Sync Digital Radio Earmuff Review
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) - 55
  • Battery Life - 80
  • Sound Volume/Quality - 50
  • Size & Comfort - 85
  • Durability - 85
  • Other Features - 40
  • Price - 70


This particular headset is not Bluetooth capable so that is an immediate downside. That aside, this is a great headset that will keep your ears protected, allow you to listen to AM and FM radio with great reception, and even plug in any MP3 device via the included AUX cable. They are comfortable, but may be a bit small for you if you have a head on the larger side like I do. Overall, Amazon reviewers consistently mention how this headset is significantly better than the similarly priced WorkTunes headset by 3M.

In-Depth Review

Now I’ll get down to the details for the rest of the review. I’ll look at many of the common features you’ll want to think about as you search for your next pair of hearing protection headphones. If you’d like to know more about the various aspects you should consider, please read this post:

What to Consider when Purchasing Bluetooth Hearing Protection

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

This headset has an NRR of 25, which is higher than many of the other similarly priced options out there. Stanley makes use of their patented Air Flow Control technology to reduce the outside sounds entering your ears across all frequencies. This technology also allows them to get away with a smaller and more lightweight earcup design.

In addition to protecting your ears from outside sources, they also implement volume management technologies to limit the volume of the speakers within the headset.


Battery Life

In regards to battery life, you should be able to get through an average workday without worry, but you’ll want to be sure to invest in some high-quality rechargeable AA batteries if you plan on using these headsets regularly or for long periods of time…or both. If you don’t you’ll quickly end up spending more on batteries than you did for the headsets themselves. Batteries are not included and will require 2 AA batteries.


Stanley-Sync-Digital-Radio-Earmuff-Review---MP3Bluetooth Range

Unfortunately, this headset is not Bluetooth compatible. Again, if you’re looking for a cheaper but still high-quality alternative to Bluetooth headsets and are willing to deal with an AUX cable running from your headset to your phone in your pocket, then this pair from Stanley might be a viable option.



There is no microphone built into this headset.


Sound Volume/Quality

The speakers with this headset will get the job done. They aren’t mind-blowingly amazing, but they’re not bad either and that’s what you should expect for a hearing protection headset in this price range. In addition, the volume produced by the speakers is capped at a certain level to protect your hearing.


Size & Comfort

Stanley-Sync-Digital-Radio-Earmuff-Review---SizeThis headset is relatively lightweight coming in at 1.1 lbs. Its dimensions are 10.4″ x 8.3″ x 4.7″ and can be folded down even smaller for easy and convenient storage.

The earcups are actually smaller than similar models by other manufacturers due to the patented Air Flow Control technology Stanley uses. Because of the lightweight construction, padded headband with reinforced fork slides to allow more maximum comfort and fit, as well as the modestly sized earcups with snappable ear cushions, you shouldn’t have a problem wearing these for hours on end. In addition, because you can easily snap off the ear cushions, cleaning and storing them and the headset is easy and efficient.



This headset should stand up to normal wear and tear just fine. If you’re going to be wearing them in a wet environment or in extremely harsh conditions, they may deteriorate faster than normal, but that is to be expected. The antenna is flexible which means it won’t snap off if you catch it on a branch or something while you are working.



This headset has one of the better radios in terms of reception compared to many of its competitors in the same price range. The hi-fidelity digital stereo AM/FM tuner as opposed to analog which allows it to pick up stations more easily, from further away, and with more clarity. The reception is also in hi-fidelity stereo. The radio also has an LCD display which can auto search for stations and store up to 10 unique stations for easy access later.



The Stanley Sync Digital Radio Earmuff will only set you back about $50 on Amazon. Honestly, for the level of noise reduction this headset gives you combined with the quality radio reception, a fifty-dollar price tag isn’t bad at all. As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, if you read the reviews on Amazon, many people have switched to this model from Stanley after being disappointed with the similarly priced 3M Worktunes headset.



In conclusion, if you’re ok with not having Bluetooth capabilities with your hearing protection headset, I would recommend this particular model, the Sync Digital Earmuff from Stanley! They do what they need to do, protect your ears, both from outside noises and the speakers themselves, allow you to listen to any radio station within range, plug into and listen to any MP3 device, and, not to mention, they’re pretty comfy as well.

If you want a headset that gets the job done while safely entertaining your ears, then I would say this is a great headset for you!

If you have any questions or comments regarding this particular headset from Stanley, or anything Bluetooth Hearing Protection related, please drop me a line in the comments section below this article!

Dustin “Kirby” Garness


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