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HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds Review | Decent Low-Budget Option


In this review I will be taking an in-depth look at the HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds. I purchased these about four weeks ago in a panic as my trusty ISOtunes Pro earbuds finally gave up after two years of constant use (P.S. I would still consider my ISOtunes the best earbuds I’ve had. You can read their review here.)

Anyways, I can’t get through my day at work without headphones so I made a quick trip to Walgreens to see if I could find a cheap pair of Bluetooth earbuds. These are what I ended up getting because they were on sale and seemed to have a good battery life that would last me through the day (I’ll talk about this in detail later).

Please note that these are in no way hearing protection headphones. I just through I’d review them since I’ve been using them for a while now. Check out my top reviews in the sidebar to the left for actual hearing protection headphones.

Quick Review

HDMC Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds Review
  • Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) - 0
  • Battery Life - 95
  • Sound Volume/Quality - 50
  • Size & Comfort - 55
  • Durability - 65
  • Other Features - 50
  • Price - 100


The HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds are a decent set of earbuds considering you can order them for under $20 on Amazon. I’ve used them for a few weeks and their battery life is good but they definitely lack in comfort and durability. Their sound quality is decent but nothing great. While it’s not my favorite in ear headset, it’s still a decent product for it’s low price.

In-Depth Review of HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds

Now that we’ve gotten the quick review out of the way, I’ll be going through all of the basic elements of any Bluetooth device in more detail as they pertain to the HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds we are looking at today.


Noise Reduction Rating

As I mentioned in my introduction, I want to be clear that these headphones from HDMX are not rated for hearing protection. They block out a little sound by physically plugging your ears with their earbuds but it’s nothing substantial. Please don’t buy these and wear them in dangerously noisy environments.

That being said, if you just need them for office work (which I’m currently using them for), they are more than sufficient for blocking out outside sounds, especially when playing music or listening to podcasts.

Battery Life

This headset is listed by HDMX, the manufacturer, to have a battery life of six hours. In my experience so far, this seems to be fairly accurate if not a slight underestimation. If I start my 10 hour day with them fully charged and be sure to plug them in on my breaks or when I’m not using them, I’ll make it through my entire day with enough charge left for a short workout after work.

I’d guess I probably have them charging for 30 minutes or so per day. So, if you can start with a full charge, give them a brief charge here and there, you should definitely be able to make it significantly longer than six hours of use per day!

Now the test will be to see how long the battery lasts with this level of performance. In my experience, the length of charge decreases significantly with time. I’ll be sure to update this review if I feel I need to change my opinion on the battery life of the HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds.

Bluetooth Range

In regards to the Bluetooth range of these headphones, I’ve been able to walk around most of our office and showroom without losing connection. I would guess this is probably 30-50 feet depending on how many walls are between myself and my phone. This is similar to other headphones I’ve used in the past.

I haven’t had any trouble with the connection while my phone is in my pocket like I have had with some other Bluetooth earbuds…so that’s nice.

Sound Volume/Quality


The sound quality from these headphones is exactly what you’d expect for earbuds in this lower price range: decent but by no means great. It’s great for podcasts or news where there isn’t a lot going on and not a lot of variation in highs and lows. For music, it is quite mediocre. It doesn’t sound bad but it’s definitely not great or even comparable to some higher end Bluetooth earbuds I’ve reviewed in the past.


I haven’t made extensive use of the phone call abilities with these HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds but I have answered a couple calls during the day. I specifically asked if I was clear on their end and they told me that they could hear me just fine.

I’ll take this to mean that the microphone works just fine.

Size & Comfort

This is the section where I will have the most negative comments to make regarding these earbuds. The earbuds themselves, the parts you actually stick into your ear, are OK. They come will three sizes of attachments to fit small, medium, and large ears. The parts of the ear pieces that don’t go into your ear are angled nicely to allow a nice, comfortable fit.


The earbuds also come with a plastic, over the ear attachment which I found to be extremely uncomfortable. They are hard, inflexible, and cold. They might help hold them on when jogging (more on this soon) but it’s not worth it. Luckily, they are detachable. It wasn’t long after I got these earbuds that I removed these pieces for good!

The battery/control box is really heavy. I was unexpectedly surprised (and not in a good way) with how bulky and heavy this was. It pulls the earbuds out of my ear over time even while sitting at my desk with minimal movement. This isn’t a huge problem because it’s easy to push them back in periodically. This is another story when doing something active such as jogging. I’m constantly pushing them back in and have even had them fall out unexpectedly while jogging because the battery box is bouncing all over the place.

Admittedly, if I were to use the over the ear attachments this wouldn’t be nearly as much of a problem but, as I said previously, they were out of the story right away because they were so uncomfortable. My solution has been to tie the chord into a knot behind my neck to keep the battery box from bouncing so much. It’s not pretty but it works…sort of.


To be completely honest, I haven’t used these in any extreme circumstances but I wouldn’ t expect them to hold up too well to any wear and tear or any exposure to water.

The plastic ear hooks are hard and brittle so I would expect them to break fairly easily if bent or squished in the wrong way.

What You Get


If you do end up purchasing the HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds, you can expect to find the basics in the package.

You will get:

  • The Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds
  • Three sizes of earbud attachments
  • A very short (we’re talking 3″ or so) USB charging cable
  • An instruction manual
  • A quick start guide
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Other Capabilities

As you would expect with wireless headphones in this price range, they don’t come with a lot of bells and whistles. The control box has three buttons that allow you to power the headset on and off, connect and disconnect to a Bluetooth device, answer and end phone calls, adjust volume up or down, and advance the track you’re listening to.


The HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds are listed on the HDMX website for $29.99, however, you can purchase them on Amazon for under $20. When I purchased them in-person at Walgreens they were listed for $29.99 but were on sale for $19.99 or so…I think.

So, long story short, if you want these, buy them on Amazon.


To sum this all up, if you’re looking for inexpensive Bluetooth capable wireless earbuds that do a decent job then you could definitely consider the HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds. However, if I’m honest, I don’t expect them to last as long or be as durable as other Bluetooth earbuds I have had in the past. Their sound quality is mediocre, especially for music listening, and they don’t offer any hearing protection or noise dampening at all.

If you’d like to purchase these headphones you can do so here.

If you’d like to look at other options, I’d encourage you to check out some other, better quality, earbuds I have reviewed in the past.

As always, if you have any questions or comments I’d love to hear them in the comments below! If you’ve had experience with the HDMX Craze Sport Wireless Earbuds I’d love to hear them as well!

Dustin “Kirby” Garness


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